We are a knowledge-based company with expertise in design and development of custom microwave and hybrid specialty circuits as well as proprietary signal processing algorithms and high performance digital signal processing engines.
We incorporate a synergistic combination of specialty circuits and efficient, powerful DSP engines into our solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of the Developmental Test, Operational Test, and Range communities as they transform to meet current and future requirements in Electronic Combat test and evaluation.

Our current product line includes:

A multiple channel, remotely operated, self-contained high performance rf-signal simulator (0.5 – 18000 MHz) for SIGINT and ELINT applications on terrestrial and airborne platforms (RS5000)

A high performance, ruggedized, multi-channel jamming system for combat vehicles (RS8000) 

A millimeter-wave receiving system for EC range ground-truth data (RS4000)

A small, ruggedized single channel, tone controlled rf-signal generator for SIGINT applications on vehicles (RS6000)

A wide-band, wide instantaneous bandwidth receiving system with direction of arrival determination for signal monitoring (RS7000)

We have alliances with local, highly specialized businesses for custom requirements as well as normal outsourcing needs. Through these proven alliances we can provide specialized antennas (phased arrays, etc.), titanium welding, specialized mechanical mounting structures, and other electro-mechanical specialties.

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